Why this book

"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins is an excellent read due to its compelling storyline, rich themes, and strong character development. The novel's social commentary on issues like inequality and government control is thought-provoking and resonates with readers. Its widespread popularity and cultural impact make it a rewarding reading experience for those who appreciate a well-crafted and socially relevant story.

Choosing typeface

After much research and consideration, I chose Saffran for headings and Droid Serif for paragraphs. Saffran, a font sourced from Adobe Fonts, was selected for its distinctive and elegant design. Its refined letterforms exude sophistication and enhance the visual appeal of the website's titles and headers, making them stand out and catch the reader's attention.

For the body of our content, I chose Droid Serif for its excellent legibility. This font has clear, balanced letter shapes that make it easy to read and understand. I wanted to ensure readers could comfortably read the literary content without sacrificing style or design. The combination of Saffran and Droid Serif balances the visual appeal and practical readability.


I have picked a colours palette for my literature website's typography to create an unparalleled ambiance and enhance the user experience. The background commences with an immaculate white (#ffffff) and seamlessly transitions to a warm and inviting beige (#d4bb9b) through a linear gradient, creating a refinement atmosphere. The heading flows from a range of tints and tones of gold shade (#ce9f56). The body paragraphs are in a striking dark blue-grey tone (#384068) to provide a striking contrast against the light background and enhance readability. Furthermore, the primary paragraph background's light greyish-beige shade (#ececeb) helps separate the text and eliminates visual clutter. Finally, the header navigation colour is slightly off-white (#f2f2f2f1) to ensure clarity and accessibility, blending seamlessly with the overall colour scheme to elevate the site's aesthetic appeal.

Feel free to explore my design development process for a more detailed look into my: Whimsical board

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