Anish Thapa

Small Business Website Revisited

A thorough analysis of the spokes and saddles website

When looking over the previous spokes and saddles website there were several issue that needed to address in order to improve the website. Firstly, the design there no interaction means the site didn’t include interactive parts such as how it would display highlights the days along with opening, closing status. Looking toward page error handling there was no custom 404 error page, whenever site users found themselves on an error page it would show the default error page. Also a well organised heading structure is critical previous website the heading are not well structure which is critical to both user experience. Another issue is the improper optimization of images, as there is no alt text properly describing the image.



I have improved the font on the site to make it more readable and make the site more attractive. For titles I choose Futura PT because is clean, modern, and geometrical, It gives a modern, and professional look on the site. For paragraphs, I pick Noto Sans Lao. It had been widely in use in many sites because of it legibility and fully supports Laos script that makes it easy for consumer access and read when they view the site.


I have used a feature in JavaScript into the site to automatically open and close the spokes and saddles on the day, highlight today’s hours, and show if they are open or closed currently. By taking this action, I was able to make the site much more interactive and user-friendly. Now people visiting the site can easily know whether or not the services are open, and everything is updated in real-time so there’s no time wasted finding something out that should already be readily available. The overall quality of the site is greatly enhanced because of the way I coordinated a change that made it far more useful to the end user.


With the header and footer being both created in PHP, it makes sure that every page on the website has the same layout and web pages. This improvement in design makes navigating the site easier and allows for simpler changes in the header or footer. Including this better design ensures an enjoyable, easy to use experience while on the site. Making sure that the website is easily managed is very important. Only having to change the site in one location to keep uniformity across a website is also very time efficient. This approach allows someone to make one change in one file and not have to worry about two different sets of code. It is also easier for people to find information to the best of their needs.

404 error page

By creating custom error pages, it increases the user experience immensely by giving them clear indications when a requested file is not found, or in other words, in a 404 error. The custom 404 error page is a page of its own, which is displayed for a visitor whenever they come across a 404 error. This page generally has some instructional message and is initially filled with helpful navigation links, thus encouraging the users to get back to the main content and further decreasing their frustration. It offer a user-friendly experience even when users reach non-existent pages.

At lastly, I have also improved image optimization and description for images. I used fluid fonts with clamp for better readability on all devices. I did better organization of CSS and its readability and maintenance to make the code look cleaner using structural CSS selectors. There is completely responsive design that guarantees the best viewing experience on any device and any screen size. Such approach makes the site accessible and user-friendly.

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