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Reflecting on my experience designing the website for Spokes and Saddles, I’m reminded of the insightful moments and learning curves that helped me grow and evolve as a designer.

´╗┐When crafting the visual identity of Spokes and Saddles, I made a purposeful decision to choose IBM Plex Mono as the website’s font. This font was thoughtfully selected to capture the shop’s modern and technical essence. IBM Plex Mono is typically used in coding environments, and its monospaced design pays tribute to the precision and attention to detail that both cyclists and mechanics value deeply. This choice highlights the technical expertise of the cycle shop while also providing a clean, uniform look that enhances readability across various devices. The font’s structured rhythm perfectly complements the green and black color scheme, which reinforces the brand’s connection to both technology and nature. Moreover, to further accentuate this theme, high-quality images sourced from Unsplash were used, bringing a sense of authenticity and vivid storytelling to the user experience. Through these deliberate design choices, the website not only serves as a functional marketplace for bikes and repairs but also as a reflection of the cycling community’s values and the shop’s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

I prefer the green color scheme that represents cycling’s spirit of growth, renewal, and environmental stewardship. By choosing this hue, I aimed to capture the essence of nature and outdoor adventure that cycling inspires and to create a space that encourages eco-friendly transportation and a deeper connection to the world around us.

Through the process, I discovered the importance of intuitive design and implemented a sticky header that displayed clear categories, making it easier for users to find what they were looking for. I also recognized that mobile responsiveness was key in providing a seamless experience for users on the go. Every step of the way, I was driven by the desire to create a website that exceeded expectations and provided a positive experience for every user. Through this project, I gained a deep appreciation for the power of iterative design. I learned that a website is never truly finished, but rather a constantly evolving entity that must be refined over time. In retrospect, I wish I had invested more time in testing with real users, as direct feedback is invaluable in the pursuit of excellence.

Moreover, I came to realize the immense potential of community engagement. By creating a blog section that features local cycling routes and customer stories, we can foster a sense of community around Spokes and Saddles and inspire people to share their experiences with each other. Together, we can build something truly remarkable. In conclusion, the journey of creating the Spokes and Saddles website was enlightening. It advanced my design capabilities, my understanding of user experience, and my appreciation for the nuances of web development. This project has not only shaped a functional and appealing website but has also significantly contributed to my growth as a designer.

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